Pictures and… pictures – Zapiecek gallery exhibition

The title of this exhibition – Pictures and… pictures came to me while working on a painting, which has a very strange story. I saved this painting from being thrown in abin in Wiesbaden gallery where I had an exhibition last year. It was a modern, not very successful, copy of a Dutch still life, painted on a canvas, on a very solid stretcher. I decided to paint my own painting on this copy. I have always been interested in possibilities of transforming already completed paintings, photographs or other discovered articles. Paradoxically, I often paint the “completed” painting myself, which is apretext, an inspiration for the real work. I seldom use the works of others. (Although I dream about an exhibition, where I can display just my works painted originally by other artists). This picture (reproduced on the right in its original form) I called “picture and… picture”.