Niksinski now also paints in colour (2000)

Mittelbayerische Zeitung edition Oberpfalzer Nachrichten 11 and 12 March 2000

Vernissage in the Schmidtbank. “red and green and even blue”

“For me, art is the only thing that makes it interesting to live and work in our reality,” says Jan Niksinski (48). A graduate of the art academies in Gdansk and Warsaw, he has been working as a freelance artist since 1978. A vernissage was held on Thursday evening in the presence of invited guests from the worlds of politics, culture, business and The exhibition “red and green and even blue” by Polish painter Jan Niksinski was opened on Thursday evening in the rooms of the Schmidtbank main branch in Weiden in the presence of invited guests from the world of politics, culture and business as well as employees and customers of the bank.


On behalf of the bank’s management, Doris Biersack, Head of Private Clients at the Weiden branch since January of this year, welcomed the artist who enriched the evening with his presence at the event. She also thanked all those present for their interest in the exhibition, which was organised under the motto “Art in the Bank”. The presentation is part of a travelling exhibition which will also be on display in the Schmidtbank branches in Chemnitz, Wunsiedel, Viechtach and Zwickau in the course of the year 2000. The artist himself then addressed a few words to the guests. Jan Niksinski “expressed his delight that he, who has been in contact with the man at the head of the bank, Dr Schmidt, a true patron of the art scene, for over 20 years, would now once again have the opportunity to present a selection of his works to the public in this very environment.

The artist deliberately avoided lengthy explanations, for example on the situation of modern art in general, on the question of what art actually is or why the current exhibition is called “red and green and even blue” in front of the large plenum, but was happy to engage in individual discussions on these or similar topics. Just this much: until about three years ago, Jan Niksinski only painted pictures with black, grey or white tones, today the colours red, green and blue are also predominant, e.g. in the pictures “Green Construction”, “Collage with a Red Spot” or “The Lake and a Few Problems”. The title of the exhibition on show is probably a result of this fact.

In addition to the colours and the strong expressiveness of the pictures, the combination of techniques and materials used is also interesting: acrylic and mixed media, canvas, wood and paper. In the words of one guest: “It is rare, but in this exhibition every picture knows how to please in its own way.