In a world of symbols (1986)

Review in Nürnberger Nachrichten 7 February 1986

…The works of Jan Niksinski, who, incidentally, is also a participant in the Nuremberg Drawing Triennial, are also characterised by independence. Currently, Niksinski’s work is exhibited extensively at the Varissel Gallery. What stands out are mainly the drawings of this young Pole, in which fears, longings and dangers are captured in an expressive way.

What Niksinski has in common with the aforementioned Engelke is that he has achieved da excellence in his mixed media techniques.

On newsprint with stock quotes, there is a man’s ‘Dependency Game’ glued on. In general, Niksinski’s works constantly reflect situations of captive confinement/. “Somewhere, in some house in Warsaw” is the name of one of the works, where the eye recognises on a photocopy of some photograph the facade of a house. It is, however, as if gridded with wire, and a dark, blood-red abyss lies below in the courtyard 1e. Images that are unsettling. Not a sane world. -but a graphic experience.